Youth Summit – An initiative which started in 2014, The HYRO Youth Summit is a conference style day meeting where emerging and seasoned professionals enlighten youth on after school. Serving as their brother’s and sister’s keepers, HYRO pulls together representatives from various fields and backgrounds to empower the future generations. Through keynotes, seminars, cultural activities, networking, booths, lunch, and much more, the youth are exposed to individuals of various descent, although primarily Haitian, who can help guide them to reaching their goals.
The annual program occurs during the summer and pulls from upperclassmen of college to entrepreneurs. Professionals and parents are encouraged to attend to strengthen the resources available and help dissemination knowledge.

Kreyol Competition – The Haitian Kreyol Competition serves as a cultural tie to the diaspora of Haitian descent back to Haiti. This competition, while providing youth prize money and a potential car, bridges their love of the country from which their ancestors hail. Language is a bonding element which unifies and reinforce the heritage of a group of people. In this fashion, the learning of Haiti’s mostly spoken language allows the passing down of ideology, history, and tradition.

Leadership Mastery Program – This premiere program, slated to begin in 2018 will address 8 competency areas for youth to gain knowledge on through professionals and experts. The 8-course program pairs masters of various subject matters with a class of students for which to matriculate through. The mastery areas range from social engagement to financial management and will be taught be real-life individuals who resemble them. This program will roll out on a registration basis and grow into a series of Mastery programs and courses based on the experts available. India wishing to attend all sessions will have the ability to receive recognition of having successfully completed the program.