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Indi-Ara Richard is a Haitian poet and also a social activist who lives in suburban Atlanta. He was born and raised in Cap Haitien, Haiti. Indi seemed to have been born to grow and blossom in community activism. When he was 6, the poet was introduced to the discipline and knowledge of a Boy Scout organization, and this was where he developed his burning desire for leadership and social activism.

After 3 years serving as the Vice-President of the Haitian-American Youth Reaching out (HYRO), a not-for-profit youth organization headquartered in Atlanta, GA, Indi-Ara Richard is currently holding the position of Chief Executive Officer. Not only he focuses on the youth, Indi also joins hands with different leaders that have been working for many years to strengthen the Haitian community in Atlanta.We must certainly emphasize his good sense of patriotism and his desire for change, not only for one nation or one race but for humanity itself.