HYRO sponsors a Skype School in LaBalaine, Haiti. The project is an ongoing venture with a Haitian organization at the University of Georgia named Hands on Haiti. This merger is a collaboration of Haitian-American students and other volunteers who desire to improve education among youth in Haiti. The benefits are intertwined, mutually inclusive. The students in Haiti gain the opportunity to learn English whereas the students in the U.S. get a chance to learn and/or sharpen their fluency in Creole. In the future, we plan on having a Skype school to be sponsored in partnership with Microsoft, Haitian-American educators and all those who believe in the future of Haiti. They will be able to offer their contributions through volunteering and other contributions of this kind.

HYRO also is in the process of putting together a radio program that will be an important medium for the community. This initiative will also be a viable tool for our young professionals as we look forward to building impeccable community relations. Henceforth, the radio program will be a venue where young people will share their ideas on a wide range of issues.

This project begins in late May. It will also be a great way to bring the community together as HYRO is dedicated to creating a unified voice, especially on issues that concern us the most, like education, jobs and above all: community empowerment.

Finally, HYRO wants to implement a community helpline. This helpline will be a translation service for the Haitian community here in Atlanta. There are possibilities for expansion elsewhere, but a focus on the Atlanta area is first and foremost our main priority. This hotline will also be connected to the radio program and it will be youth-driven.


    • Gurlene Daphnis (louna0

      How Hyro could be a partner in helping ohahim children in Haiti sponsoring “children Christmas gifts and families feed the hungry, distributing ball for some team players in rural population.

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        Hello Gurlene, an email will be sent to you.


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