Haitian-American Youth Reaching Out (HYRO) is an organization that seeks to empower young people to lead change efforts in Haiti through community involvement. The organization was formed three years ago after a former Haitian consulate recognized the active works of the Haitian-American youths in the community. He had the idea to form an organization that mobilizes young Haitian-American youths to advocate for change in Haiti. A number of young adults, falling in love with the idea, united and begin execution. HYRO continues to impact the Haitian community today.

HYRO seeks to make a positive difference in the Haitian community by empowering the younger generation to lead projects designed to benefit Haiti as well as the global community. HYRO does this by providing programs and events that address leadership competencies, career readiness, and civic engagement.

Currently, HYRO is striving to launch a youth leadership academy that will serve middle and high school students in the Atlanta, Georgia area. The goal of this upcoming program is to provide ongoing support for young students and facilitate solution developments that will benefit the Haitian community and the larger global community.

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